Hannah Adair


Atlanta, GA

Drawing, Printmaking, Papermaking, etc.

My work is about the tactile, sensual body and abstract inner experience. I choose process-based, visceral media as a grounding structure for intuitive exploration. I draw from folklore, fairy tales, mythology, pop culture, personal and family history, especially relating to mental illness. I am estranged from my family of origin, and am attracted to the alienation inherent in printmaking, the separation between the matrix and impression, as well as the chance introduced through the process. I look for this elsewhere in my practice, in the mold and object, the transformation of the kiln, and in objects that feel like relics, disconnected from some unknown context.


Upcoming solo exhibition at shedspace at whitespace gallery.

June 24- August 5, 2023.

The bell chime calls the night.

Exhibition at Dalton Gallery at Agnes Scott College. March 30- April 14, 2023.

The bell chime calls the night curated by Eso Tilin Projects features the works of Hannah Adair, Laura Bejarano and Parisa Ott.

Together, the works in the exhibition, act like tangential lines that delineate a realm beyond the physical. A symbolic and imaginary space where the organic never decays, it is crystallized and preserved.


Exhibited in Little Things at Swan Coach House Gallery November 10, 2022-January 5, 2023

Malicious elf, fairy, capricious witch

Exhibited in Jane Eyre and Emancipation: twelve responses at Poem 88 January 25- February 29 2020

Malleus Maleficarum (Hammer of Witches)

Solo Exhibition at Whitespec October 25 – December 7 2019

Lilith Series

Exhibited in Passage at Kai Lin Art September 27 – November 15 2019

On Singing the Body Formless and Electric

Group exhibition at Whitespace, curated by Lisa Alembic, August 2 – August 31 2019

Ariadne in the Water

MFA Thesis Exhibition at Hi-Lo Press April 12th – 26th 2019


Cleft Feet

Flight & Pursuit